Moen 7175 Level One-Handle High Arc Pull-out Review

Design & Style

Moen 7175 Level One-Handle High Arc Pull-out ReviewWell, perhaps the name says it all, but in relation to other faucets, including those from the same manufacturer, design-wise this faucet looks a bit like they went a bit too far with the arc. It really looks like this was right at the edge of Moen’s boundary-pushing design experimentation with the arch.

However, it’s perhaps a matter of preference and ultimately personal preference will naturally trump just about anything else in terms of the styling you require for your home’s kitchen. Right. Moving along to the design elements, the base material is stainless steel, something which seems to be a trend amongst manufacturers specializing in pull out faucets. This leaves some room for experimentation with a range of finishes, which in this instance the manufacturers went with a chrome color and finish. Again, it perhaps comes down to a matter of preference, but for its classification under the “modern” interior design style, the chrome finish is perhaps just a bit too shiny. On the plus side to that, however, is the fact that this shiny appearance matches perfectly with the typical sink.

However, this faucet bears a nice, sleek, modern design with a style that could be said to be more of a refined one. You get the sense that this piece would blend in well with any evolving overall style you effect in the typical modern day kitchen. It has some nice geometric lines which are very clean and worthy of the faucet’s classification as bearing a modern design.


This faucet is flexible with the positioning of the singular handle and it carries a kitchen plug profile. The flow rate is equal to the water consumption, which is a modest but effective 1.5 gallons per minute while the high-arc sprout would then naturally provide that much more clearance.

You can use a range of features with this faucet quite easily and effortlessly, one of which is the aerated stream, but the pause function comes in very handy as well, so to the powerful rinse feature (despite the 1.5 gallons per minute flow rate).

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This pullout kitchen faucet doesn’t come cheap, but any possible in-installation damage concerns are duly addressed by the sheer ease with which it is installed. It weighs a mere 5.7 pounds and measures 24.6 x 12.4 x 3.8 inches. Moen’s Hydrolock Technology means installation is quick and easy via the quick connect system.

Moen 7175 Level One-Handle High Arc Pull-out Faucet


Performance is the name of the game with regards to the functionality of this faucet. Plenty of height clearance means that you can very easily clean or fill the biggest of your pots, with the high-arc. In addition, the faucet features a versatile pull-out wand, which is obviously what makes for the unit’s main feature. What this offers is some serious maneuverability for tasks such as rinsing.

The sprout has a nice selection of complementary operation modes, including spray or stream. You may feel as if 1.5 gallons per minute of water flow is a bit low (certainly not for a pull-out faucet though), but that makes sense when you consider the force with which the water can be delivered, which is an impressive 60 pounds per square inch.

The faucet also has an effective pause feature, of which the value in this particular unit becomes truly evident when you have the need to perhaps fill a pot or even a bigger container which is not inside the sink. This pause feature stops the water flow rather conveniently as you pass the spray wand over your counter-top.

Handling is good as well, achieved through the manipulation of the faucet’s lever-style handle, which rotates to 100 degrees as well. The lever can be installed on any side you see fit, so versatility is aplenty here.

The integrated 1255 Durulast Cartridge which is connected to the check valves (both of which operate independently), all come together to prevent any backflow. The supply lines are flexible, featuring 3/8-inch compression affixations, while the spout is a good 24 inches in length.

What Moen calls their Reflex Technology simply means you enjoy the ease of use when deploying the pull-down function. This is achieved through the versatile and ultra-flexible hose (68 inches), with this flexibility coming together with the spray wand’s swivel to make for a wide range of motion that can be covered. It returns effortlessly to its starting docked position once you’ve done using it.


As you may have come to expect of North America’s number one faucet brand, this faucet is quite easy to maintain (effortless in fact), featuring non-tarnish properties to its chrome finish, so no flaking or corroding. See more on their website.