Kraus Faucet Reviews – (Buying Guide 2020)

Faucet Mag has compiled Kraus faucet reviews after performing research on a selection of faucets from this brand.  Never heard of Kraus?  Afraid to go out on a limb and try a brand that isn’t as well known?  We were skeptical about them as well, but after reading numerous consumer reports, we realized that they stack up well against better-known brands- and most of the time for a fraction of the price.  Take a look at what we have learned, and maybe you’ll find yourself remodeling your kitchen with a shiny new Kraus faucet.  With a low price like theirs, why not?

Kraus Faucets Comparison Chart

Kraus KPF-1612 Single Lever Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1612 Single Lever Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

  • Price: $$$$
  • Style: Modern
  • Water Consumption: 1.8 GPM
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Kraus KPF-2720SS Crespo Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-2720SS Crespo Kitchen Faucet

  • Price: $
  • Style: Pull-Down
  • Water Consumption: 1.75 GPM
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KRAUS KPF-1670SFS Esina Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

KRAUS KPF-1670SFS Esina Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

  • Price: $$
  • Style: Transitional
  • Water Consumption: 1.8 GPM
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Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

  • Price: $$$
  • Style: Modern
  • Water Consumption: 1.8 GPM
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Kraus Faucet Reviews

1. Kraus KPF-1612 Single Lever Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1612 Single Lever Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetWith the look and functionality of an industrial faucet, the KPF-1612 can add a professional touch to your personal kitchen.


  • Kerox Ceramic Cartridge
  • Commercial Style Spring Design
  • 3- Function Sprayer
  • 180-degree Swivel
  • LiteTouch Single Lever Flow Control
  • High Performance/Low Flow Neopearl Aerator

Although smaller than what you usually see in a restaurant, it works exactly the same way.  You can stretch the faucet to reach virtually any corner of your sink or even to fill up buckets on the floor.  The 3-function sprayer features a spray, stream, and a pause setting with the touch of a button, which allows you to bust through dishes like a pro.  The faucet itself is easy to clean, including the rubber aerator that prevents hard water buildup.  This faucet is also easy to install and can be installed for left or right-hand operation.

The KPF-1612 is an extremely heavy duty faucet.  If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you understand the benefits of a faucet with industrial design.


2. Kraus KPF-2720SS Crespo Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-2720SS Crespo Kitchen FaucetThe Kraus KPF-2720SS Crespo Kitchen Faucet is a sturdy addition to your sink. It is durable and performs well in any kitchen.


  • Brass body
  • Easy installation and clear instructions
  • Comes with an escutcheon plate
  • Pull-down nozzle
  • Sharp and modern look
  • Easy maintenance
  • Available in Stainless Steel and Chrome finishes
  • Nice water pressure

This device comes with its escutcheon plate to cover a three-hole sink. The pull-down nozzle helps you reach every corner of the sink and maintain it clean. We must inform you that it tends to send a splashing stream when wide open.

Installation is relatively easy for the do-it-yourself. The instructions are clear and straightforward. However, the manufacturer has forgotten to mention that you will need to purchase a transparent silicone paste in addition to the faucet to complete the installation. Once you start using it, you will need to hold the button to get the spray stream because there is not a locking function. The water pressure is nice and strong. You will discover that cleaning this faucet will not be a problem. Although the black components collect water buildup and show finger stains, the rubber material allows quick and easy cleaning.


3. KRAUS KPF-1670SFS Esina Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

KRAUS KPF-1670SFS Esina Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen FaucetThe next Kraus faucet on our list is the KPF-1670SFS Esina Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. This unit maintains excellent water pressure, but it also allows various installation options depending on the system in your kitchen. Here are some of its features:


  • Pull-down hose
  • Hardware included
  • Swiveling neck
  • Copper color accents
  • Elegant look
  • Light metal faucet
  • Strong pressure
  • Spray locking mechanism

This model kitchen faucet has a neck that can swivel 360 degrees if you have enough room. You will receive all the necessary hardware with this unit. The tap is compatible with both countertop or sinks mounting. You will also receive a plate to cover holes in your existing sink. A significant advantage of this product is that when you switch to the spay option, the button stays locked in place with no need to hold it. Besides the powerful spray mode, you can also use a splash-free aerated stream. This faucet is capable of maintaining good water pressure, but it can also work on a gravity-fed low-pressure system as long as the water system provides 60psi. The metal material of the nozzle is lightweight so that it does not fall from the neck of the faucet. All accents are copper color.


4. Kraus KPF-2250 Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-2250 Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen FaucetThis faucet features a clearance that allows you to fill up even large pots without the bulky height of a high arc faucet.


  • Single Lever Design
  • 120 Degree Swivel
  • Dual Function Pull-Out Sprayer
  • Flexible Smooth-Retract Hose with Counterweight
  • Solid Brass Construction


For those that want the sleek lines of a high arc faucet without the actual height, this could be the answer.  This faucet has a clearance that allows for pots to fit under it easier to fill, yet doesn’t tower over the sink taking up space.  The faucet has a design that can fit into almost any kitchen and features a lightweight plastic sprayer that is easy to maneuver.  Although plastic, it blends in nicely with the stainless steel base and is comparable to other pull out faucets.   It is fairly easy to install and comes with almost all of the parts necessary to install in your existing space, even with up to four holes.  With a price that doesn’t hurt the pocket, this faucet is also a steal.


One thing that we came across researching this faucet is that it cannot have any attachments screwed on.  If you have a ‘portable dishwasher’ or a water filter, you’ll probably want to look for a more attachment- friendly faucet.  Some customers reported that they had to buy additional hoses to install this faucet.  This purchase somewhere around $10, and would probably need to be made for any new faucet.  Others reported that they need a special tool for installation because of the space under their sinks.  I would recommend looking closely at your existing setup when considering this faucet.  Still, others reported leaks and breaks in the pull out the hose and that the plastic pulls out part does not sit perfectly on the stainless steel base.  In some cases, this was easily remedied and may have been a problem with installation, but others had to order a replacement from Kraus.



5. Kraus KPF-2160 Single Lever Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-2160 Single Lever Stainless Steel Kitchen FaucetThis is a high arc faucet with a sleek design.  This is a simple and straightforward faucet that is corrosion and rust resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use.


  • Solid Stainless Steel Construction (T-304 Steel)
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Single Lever Controls
  • Neopearl Aerator
  • CeramTec Ceramic Cartridge


This is a simply designed faucet.  It is made completely out of durable stainless steel.  What this means for you is that you have a durable, reliable sink that won’t break.  Fewer hoses and connections equal less likelihood of leaks and weak spots.  For the price and the fact that it is indeed 100 percent stainless steel, this faucet could definitely be considered a bargain.  If you have a pullout or pull-down faucet and it has been nothing but a hassle for you, consider returning to the basics with this model.  Also, if you have an outdoor kitchen and don’t want to drop big bucks on a specialty outdoor kitchen, the KPF-2160 is the way to go.  Don’t feel like it is limited to the outdoor kitchen either!  Its durability and stainless finish also lend well to garden sinks, garage sinks, and sinks in an auto-mechanic shop.


When researching this faucet, the cons were actually very hard to find!  Most customers were extremely satisfied with this model and had only five-star rave reviews to offer.  However, as Faucet Mag editors, we dug deep and found a few reports of problems.  One person noted that the hoses were too short for their sink and another reported that they were having trouble installing their water filter to the faucet.  Another report stated that there was a problem in the handle of the faucet. As we said, reports of problems for this faucet were few and far between.  Also, as previously stated, Kraus is very helpful in replacing parts if necessary.  All in all, we at Faucet Mag think it’s very unlikely you would have problems with this faucet.



6. Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetSlightly larger than its KPF-1612 cousin, this commercial style sink also features a handy pot filler spout.  For industrial strength, functionality, and durability, the KPF-1602 is the way to go.


  • Brass Construction
  • Rust-Resistant Finish
  • Integrated Two- Way Converter
  • Heavy Duty Spring Design
  • Powerful Pre-Rinse Spray
  • Neopearl Aerator
  • Kerox Ceramic Cartridge


This is the Mac-Daddy kitchen faucet.  It is large and commanding, and will undoubtedly become a centerpiece in your kitchen.  It has all of the same features you would find in an industrial faucet, including the side pot filler.


Other Kraus Faucets:

Kraus KPF-2110 Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1622SN Single Lever Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Benefits of Buying Kraus

Kraus Faucet ReviewsKraus faucets boast holding three different places on Faucet Mag’s top kitchen faucets.  All of their faucets are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  Although some older reviews leave this company looking not that great, their response to customers is fantastic and improvements and updates in technology now give other brands a run for the money.  Speaking of money, Kraus faucets are almost all budget-friendly, so if you’ve been wanting to remodel and the bank account says no, consider buying Kraus.  Kraus also supports the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that helps support wounded veterans of the US armed forces.

Kraus commits to excellence using state of the art equipment and the latest technology in plumbing fixtures.  All Kraus faucets include patented Neopearl aerators and ceramic cartridges that eliminate leaky, dripping faucets.  They start with the finest materials available and end with superior packaging that safeguards their precious workmanship.  In researching Kraus, the secure packaging is a point that comes up over and over.

In between start and finish, Kraus faucets go through manufacturing, a six-stage polishing, and an inspection.  After assembly, each faucet is tested with both air and water for steadfastness.  With the quality assurance that specializes in attention to detail, your faucet should arrive well made and packaged as expected.  If not, contact Kraus with any issues and they will be happy to help you out.  Please note that in order to receive any parts or services covered by warranty, you must have your original receipt.  I would suggest putting it in a safe place, just in case.  After all, it is a lifetime warranty.

Overall, Kraus is a dependable brand.  In researching these faucets, we found that a lot of customers originally shied away from this brand because it is less known and more inexpensive than other brands.  However, these same customers who ultimately bought Kraus were all pleasantly surprised.  As a bonus, they also saved money, sometimes up into the hundreds of dollars!

Bottom Line

Kraus has a wide variety of faucets.  For the industrial look (and function) you can choose from the KPF-1612 or the KPF-1602.  For a more industrial look, go with 1602 or to save space with 1612.  For a simple, sturdy faucet, the KPF-2160 Single Lever Stainless Steel Faucet is a clear choice.  Although it lacks the bells and whistles of fancier faucets, this also means it has less moving parts to malfunction.  This is also a clear choice for outdoor use, as it is rated to stand up to the great outdoors.  If you’re more of a bells and whistles person, Kraus also has the KPF-2250 Single Lever Pull Out Faucet.  There is a Kraus for everyone (and in the budget, too).  I’d suggest checking out Amazon for all of these faucets, especially the KPF- 2250 Single Lever Pull Out Faucet which is an Amazon exclusive.  We at Faucet Mag hope these Kraus faucet reviews help you find the fit for your kitchen.