Kraus Single Lever Pull Out Faucet Review

Design & Style

Kraus Single Lever Pull Out Faucet ReviewThis unit from Kraus is not only beautiful to look at but provides reliability and versatility as well. It’s one of the only pull-down faucets (or any type of faucet for that matter) which is made of the same base (body) as its color – stainless steel. That said, however, it has a silver finish. The quality is really quite exceptional and you can tell by just picking the faucet up and rolling it around in your hands. It has that characteristic Kraus feel about it, which oozes border-busting design while their products (including this particular faucet) are made with the finest quality in materials. It’s almost like they source their materials such as their stainless steel from an exclusive supplier who only deals in the finest grades.

To be quite honest, the design of KPF-2110 may appear to be a bit too chic and elegant for the average kitchen. You’d perhaps have to be a serious style junkie to have this faucet fit in with some of the other decor items you have in your kitchen interior, particularly the appearance of the sink. You’d definitely not want to tamper with the color and finish of the faucet itself to match what will likely be a shinier sink, so perhaps there’ll be some extra costs involved in touching-up your sink to match the faucet. Otherwise, the differences will be quite glaring and the typical, average sink will fall nothing short of looking cheap, to say the least.

So you’d be going all-in with the addition of this faucet to your kitchen.


This faucet’s design means that the length of the hose can be as short as 63 inches, while water (consumed at a rate of 2.2 gallons per minute) flows out through just one hole. The water flow rate is 1.8 gallons per minute.

The sprout sits rather high at 7.5 inches, while its reach stretches to a good 9 inches. You get a standard styled head, but that just works really well in terms of functionality and for the overall design of the unit.

You’ll pay a good buck for this faucet, both for the design & styling as well as the features it packs and how those features translate to its functionality.

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For installation considerations, this faucet weighs 6.8 pounds and measures in at 8 x 1.4 x 12 inches. It’s a deck-mounted installation, but for the novice or DIY installer, some caution really needs to be exercised. In fact, you may find yourself a bit frustrated at the distinct lack of detail in the installation instructions. Perhaps some photo illustrations would have done, otherwise, for such an expensive faucet it’s best leaving it to a professional and spending just a little bit more to ensure your unit lasts for as long as a lifetime.


The rather unique-looking finish of this faucet has much more to it than visual appeal. It’s simply durable by default, due to the high quality of the stainless steel used in conjunction with a silver finish. Style delivers functionality that’s nothing short of flawless and you just have to use it in order to understand.

Okay, so while the dominant metal used to construct the base of this faucet is indeed stainless steel, brass also forms part of the alloy makeup, but no lead was added to the brass. This makes it feel solid when mounted and deployed, but you could never tell that there’s any brass at all.

Controlling the water flow is where the effortlessness takes center-stage, done very conveniently via the singular lever. Unlike many pull-down faucets and a lot of other pull-out faucets as well really, this one from Kraus has a spout swivel which is only limited to 120 degrees. You would have thought it would offer a bit more, but given the high-profile location of the spray head, 120 degrees of the swivel is more than enough to get whatever filling or cleaning job is done well enough. What it means is that you have total access to the sink and you don’t have to slightly tip big pots over in order to fit them into the sink for filling or washing.

Yes, there’s a sprayer which can be pulled out and it’s fastened rather securely to the docking. The sprayer is retractable as well and works well with its counterweight feature.

You can operate this faucet quite nicely since it has a low-flow aerator, while the ceramic cartridge ensures drip-free operation over many uses to come.


The rubber nozzles which are primarily there to prevent the build-up of hard water are super easy to clean while the silver finish is resistant to rust and corrosion, making maintenance a real breeze.