Kraus Single Handle Pull Down Faucet Review

Design & Style

Officially marketed and described to feature more of an industrial style than anything else, this faucet from Kraus will look just as good in a domestic setting as it would anywhere else. It is indeed built for commercial use, in both the quality and appearance, but it can just as easily pass off as having a modern yet traditional design. This makes it great for contemporary kitchens or those which have a more modern/ultra-modern profile. It may appear to be a bit more of a complex unit than some other solid piece faucets in its class, but it’ll do just as well in a kitchen which follows more of a minimalist design profile and style.

Appearance wise, the chrome color and finish conceals a body made of solid brass, which you’d never be able to tell unless of course you read the specs and got that information in that way.


As far as the features go, this faucet has only one hole, which is all it needs to be given its intended functionality. It also features only one handle for uncomplicated operation.

Its heavy-duty design (since it was perhaps built for more of a commercial setting) gives it a nice and solid feel, so if you perhaps have any guests over who are a bit rough in handling it, there’ll be no worries about possible breakages. Despite its clear visual appeal based design, it functions very beautifully once installed, designed to maintain a consistent flow of water.

The flexibility of the water-delivery hose means that you now have a solution to that long-running common problem of not being able to get enough pressurized water to some of those areas of the sink that accumulate dirt rather quickly. The hose is extendable as well, in addition to the flexibility it offers. This is largely what sets this faucet apart from many others, particularly those we’ve featured here.

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Of all the pull-down kitchen faucets we’ve featured, the upper-end price of this Kraus KPF-1602 suggests that it’s the cream of the crop. It’s definitely worth spending that little bit more for it, though, as is attested to by the quality of performance it’ll deliver once installed. Speaking of installation, the specifications of this unit read 32.1 x 8.5 x 2.2 inches and it weighs 10.3 pounds. It’s a deck-mounted installation which may pose a bit of a challenge for DIYers, especially since it’s an industrial grade unit. Experienced handymen, plumbers or other relevant contractors shouldn’t have a problem with the installation, though.

That said, however, it’s hard to imagine any average consumer would have a lot of experience installing faucets, but if you do have the experience you probably won’t have any issues either. It’s single-hole mounted which makes it a breeze to integrate into the standard sink. If you have the patience and deftness of touch to read all the installation instructions and you also don’t mind getting stuck in, you’ll be happy to know that all the hardware which is required to mount this faucet comes included when you buy it.


Kraus Single Handle, Commercial Style Faucet ReviewIn action, this faucet will probably compel you to want to spend some time in the kitchen while trying to fight a child-like urge to play with water. Consumption is at 1.8 gallons per minute (GPM), while the spout height of 28 inches works well to complement the spout reach of 9.5 inches.

This translates to very convenient one-handed use (it does only have one handle anyway), a feature which will undoubtedly be appreciated by anyone who has ever had to use a kitchen faucet. The height of the spout is just right and comfortable for just about any height user, while the pull-down sprayer offers good flexibility. Controlling the temperature at the same time as you control the water flow is just effortless, to sum it up in one word, made even more so in part by the fact that the handle features just one leader and is very slim too.

As part of the pre-rinse spray function, you can press the lever handle on the sprayer to change the flow of the water from the main spout, but this maintains the flow rate of 1.8 GPM. The spout swivels a full 360 degrees as well.


Not much maintenance is required if any at all and that’s what you’d expect of a commercial-grade faucet which is as much at home in the home kitchen as it would be in a commercial kitchen. If you must know, it features ceramic cartridges to ensure a drip doesn’t develop for perhaps as long as you’ll be living in the house you’ve installed it in. The faucet’s pre-rinse spray function is just a fancy way of saying that the rubber nozzles integrated into the pull-down sprayer prevent any hard water from building up, making its maintenance very easy.