Best Pot Filler Faucets 2018 (The Ultimate Buying Guide & Reviews)

Pot Filler Faucets ReviewsDid you know that on average a person carries about 230 gallons of water from the kitchen sink to the stove annually? In terms of weight, that’s about 1650 lb. not even counting the weight of the pot. If you had one of the best pot filler faucets you would be able to spare yourself such a pointless power workout.

A kitchen installation known as a pot filler faucet is an excellent choice for those looking to easily fill a pot with water and have it boil on the stove. Such an appliance is of extreme convenience to households and restaurants alike. People with disabilities can benefit greatly from it but every family can easily see the upside of having a faucet over the stove.

It is always a challenge to select the right product, though. That’s why we created this guide in which you will get to see not only some pot filler faucet pros and cons but also become familiar with additional information regarding features and installation. Check out the reviews below and see which pot filler will serve your needs best.

Top Pot Filler Faucets In The Market

  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Danze Opulence Wall Mount Pot Filler
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Material : Brass
  • Finish : Stainless
  • Spout Reach : 20 inches
  • 4.8 Customer Rating
  • Hansgrohe Talis C Pot Filler
  • PRICE $$$$$
  • Material : Steel
  • Finish : Steel Optik
  • Spout Reach : 26.5 inches
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Lordear Commercial Pot Filler
  • PRICE $
  • Material : Body Material : Brass Handle Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Finish : Brushed Nickel
  • Spout Reach : 19 inch
  • 4.0 Customer Rating
  • SonTiy Pot Filler Faucet
  • PRICE $$$
  • Material : Brass faucet body and the spout , Zinc alloy handle
  • Finish : Brushed Brown Bronze
  • Spout Reach : 26 inches
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Blanco Cantata Pot Filler
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Material : Brass
  • Finish : Satin Nickel
  • Spout Reach : 21-3/4-Inch
  • 4.0 Customer Rating
  •  Geyser GF-47 Pot Filler Faucet
  • PRICE $$
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Finish : Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Spout Reach : 20-1/4"

Danze Opulence Wall Mount Pot Filler

The name and the price of our first item we are about the review speak pretty clearly. The Danze Opulence Pot Filler has a flawless design and excellent functionality, really adding to the landscape in your kitchen. The item comes in six possible finishes giving you a wide array of options.

While Danze Opulence isn’t perfect, it will still give you exactly what you need with its two-piece articulated spout which extends to 22 inches. This distance is enough to cover a wide enough space so that you do not need to carry around a pot full of water prior to cooking.

The pot filler installs on a 1/2-inch IPS/NPT-threaded stub and is designed for a cold-water hookup. These valves have two handles. The handle at the base is a half-turn one. The handle at the arm has just a ¼ turn.


  • Great design – will compliment everything in the kitchen
  • High-end product – the quality really stands out
  • Top class ceramic disk valves – smooth operation and no drips
  • Easy to install – do it yourself by following the instructions and save money that would otherwise have to pay for a plumber.


  • Connected to the wall with just a single hex bolt – the whole construction might tilt overtime
  • Joints may leak – can be fixed with alternative O-rings

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Hansgrohe Talis C Pot Filler

Even though you are buying a modern, top class item, with the Hansgrohe Talis C Pot Filler you know you are also getting an old-school kitchen appliance which will never let you down. The thing is pretty heavy with its 8.4 lb. but that makes it durable and sturdy. Signs of wear are rare to be seen.

The simple design, typical of Hansgrohe, truly is an advantage as the pot filler easily matches everything in your kitchen. Speaking of matching, you will need to buy an adaptor in case you want to hook up the pot filler with a water filter. That’s because the outlets of the two aren’t the same.

And lastly, a quick tip from us would be to install this pot filler faucet relatively low. Its flow rate is pretty fast and that’s an advantage in most cases. If you have it too high, though, you will get splashes all the time and this would be quite frustrating.


  • Clean design – nothing special but pretty universal
  • 26-inch reach – the real estate that this thing covers is huge. Use it over your largest 6-plate stove without any problems.


  • Not stainless steel – the spout is made out of brass (an alloy of copper and zinc)
  • Doesn’t match the outlet of water filters – that’s a separate purchase. There’s no way around it if you want purified water

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Lordear Commercial Pot Filler

The Lordear Commercial Pot Filler provides you with a very viable budget option that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is great for tight spaces as its maximum reach stands at 19 inches. A feature that definitely stands out is the 360-degree rotating aerator.

The material of this faucet is brass. In terms of finish, you get to choose between brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Similar to most pot fillers, this one also has just a single inlet. You need to decide whether you will use it for hot or cold water.

The two ceramic valves are pretty decent so don’t expect any drip. The Lordear pot filler faucet is installed through a 1-hole mount so nothing special here. All in all, this pot filler will get the job done but don’t expect any wonders from it.


  • Lead-free construction – clean water and no contamination over long periods of time
  • Not an expensive product – this is the cheapest pot filler faucet you will see on our list


  • Construction is a little bit flimsy – unfortunately, it doesn’t feel solid upon interaction. Joints move but strangely but seeing leaks would be a rare occurrence.
  • Bends down from its own weight – you will need to find better wall connectors to solve the second problem. The ones which are included in the set are not very good.

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SonTiy Pot Filler Faucet

For the ones looking to complete the classic look of their kitchen, the SonTiy Pot Filler Faucet is definitely the way to go. The curves are rounded but you can count on its joints to remain tight and secure. Don’t be afraid of any leaks.

For a middle of the pack item in terms of pricing the SonTiy has some pretty decent characteristics. It has a reach of 26 inches, fills 4 gallons per minute and is fairly light – just around 5lb.

Choose between one of three finishes and don’t hesitate to go with this pot filler faucet in case retro accessories are your thing.


  • Smooth, round curves of the spout – a traditional look which will certainly add to the coziness of your kitchen.
  • 360 degree rotating faucet – flexibility is the name of the game. Aim the water flow in whichever direction you wish.


  • Aerator clogs easily – not only that but it is also pretty hard to clean. You have to be creative here.
  • No instruction manual about mounting – get ready to spend extra on plumbing services. But get this, a quick tip from us – find instructional videos online and deal with the situation yourself.

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Blanco Cantata Pot Filler

This next pot filler faucet on our list is all about design. The Blanco Cantata Pot Filler will bring in a lot of class to your kitchen set up as it resembles a typical sink faucet but serves a different purpose.

The compact body which has a total height of fewer than 7 inches from the wall mount to the handle of the faucet is made out of brass. The Blanco Cantata is also fully lead-free compliant so you won’t have to worry about the cleanness of the water in which you cook or wash your vegetables.

Ceramic is a highly featured material in the faucet as both the disk cartridge and the valves are made out of it.


  • Maximum reach of 17 inches – what many find to be a curse, others see as a blessing. This thing is perfect for smaller spaces especially if you have a microwave on the wall above your stove.
  • Lightweight – Another great characteristic here is that the whole body weights only about 3 lb.


  • Joints are stiff – the spout is not very easy to swivel and some force might be required in order to fold and unfold the pot filler.

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 Geyser GF-47 Pot Filler Faucet

This pot filler faucet is all about performance. Opt for the Geyser GF-47 Pot Filler Faucet in case you are looking for one of the more reliable products on the market. The best part is that it won’t end up costing an outrageous amount.

Now let’s share a few words about the performance which we already mentioned at the beginning. The flow rate of the Geyser GF-47 is the strongest among all products on our list. It is 5 gallons per minute. That’s not all – the reach of the faucet is also the longest on our list today as it stands at 27 inches.

This pot filler faucet is excellent for professional kitchens at military bases or large restaurants.


  • Stainless steel spout – also has very sturdy tubes as they have a 1.5mm thickness
  • Lead-free- also polished on the inside ensuring a perfectly clean stream of water at all times


  • Just one available finish – not much choice as the stain brushed is the only option
  • Not the sharpest design – the joints and the valves simply look too serious and pretty unfriendly. Not the most visibly pleasing pot filler faucet
  • Low-quality drywall anchors – look for replacements if you want stability after installation

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Delta 1177LF-SS Pot Filler faucet

The last item on our list is in the higher category when it comes to pricing but it is definitely not the most expensive one. The Delta 1177LF-SS Pot Filler faucet is one that will definitely impress you with its design but does the performance back the price up?

What you get is a product with a 24-inch reach which is pretty decent. You have 6 finishes at your disposal and all of them are a bit unusual ones according to some. Opt for champagne bronze, chrome etc. in order to get the right one for your kitchen interior.

The aerator has spray hoes inside which is a nice addition, indeed.


  • Lifetime limited warranty – you have any problems, you get a replacement pot filler faucet, no questions asked.
  • ADA compliant – you want your faucet to always meet standards


  • Drips – you have to wait for a second before you push it back to the wall
  • Does not fold completely – the spout is always somehow in the way when not in use
  • Bottom cartridge might leak due to heavy use – well, at least you have the warranty to lean on

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Key Features to Make Your Choice Simpler

Before you rush into buying the next “best pot filler faucet” you should perhaps become familiar with which characteristics matter the most. This will also help you answer the question “are pot fillers worth it”? Of course, it typically comes down to own preference but that doesn’t mean we cannot provide you with some insight about what to watch for.

Best Pot Filler Faucets

1.Design and Finish

This is the first thing a buyer sees. As we scan the best kitchen faucet models that are offered to us we simply have to fall in love with how a pot filler faucet looks. Even though at first glance all pot fillers look the same with their dual valves, jointed spouts and similar swivels we still find ways to differentiate between one another.

The most important thing is that your pot filler faucet doesn’t fight with the rest of your kitchen supplies and appliances. You want something that will add to the look of your home or at least the area in which you prepare your food. Look for a pot filler with similar curves and joints to your other faucets, pipes or water lines.

The finish is just as important. If everything around you is made out of steel and has a silverfish hue, then, by all means, go for stainless steel. There are also colors such as champagne or nickel, so pick the one which will go well with the stove and the tiles on the wall.

2. Performance

Size should be considered to be part of the performance. Here’s why. If your pot filler faucet is too big or too small for your stove, you won’t be able to tap into its full potential. You want it to be able to reach all the hot plates on your stove. Pot filler faucet height shouldn’t be neglected as well.

If the pot filler is too large and also has too much height, you might not be able to fold and unfold it at all thus rendering it useless. Look for smaller products in case space is scarce. The strength of the water flow is essential in case you are a professional cook. Folks serving a lot of people daily want many gallons per minute and will surely look for a more powerful pot filler faucet.

See if the joints are still or loose. None of these two options is great because you want a product which can easily be folded without feeling flimsy.

And no, having two valves is not pointless. Use the valve at the base (closer to the wall) to preset the pressure. This way splashes will be prevented and you also get extra insurance against leaks.


Even though you will definitely get some nice warranty by most leading manufacturers, you definitely do not want to deal with malfunctioning pot fillers. Durability pretty much trumps everything else as this nice new pot filler that you just installed is useless if it leaks or bends.

Get informed on which models are most durable and determine how much you will use your pot filler. Some of them can take a lot of beating making them great for restaurants or cafeterias. Many households do not use their pot fillers daily and can always opt for a cheaper less durable option.

Stiff joints aren’t always a sign of durability. Check the material of the spout and also pay attention to the thickness of the tubes. See if the valves are ceramic and make sure the aerator doesn’t get clogged easily.


Unfortunately, you can’t be entirely sure that the box of the pot filler faucet set will also include a decent instruction manual. Some aspects such as knowing whether you can attach your pot filler faucet to a filter can be pretty important. The role of a water filter cannot be overlooked and any household should have one.

If you are in luck then you can perhaps install your pot filler without having to call a plumber. Such services will come at a cost and we are sure you aren’t thrilled to spend more money on this appliance. You can either look for tutorial videos online or…just keep reading our piece. Who knows, we might have a piece of important info for you below.


Install Your Pot Filler Alone Easily

Pot Filler FaucetsAs mentioned above, having a professional perform a pot filler faucet installation for you will likely increase your total expenses by at least $100. Since we are here to help, we will now provide you with a step by step guide about how to install most pot filler faucets yourself.

Things which are rarely provided in the box when you buy your faucet but which also happen to be vital for this operation are:

  • 2 Allen screws
  • A brass nipple
  • A brass fitting
  • Hidden retention ring
  • Pipe thread sealant
  • A drill
  • A magic marker
  • A rubber strap wrench

It is mandatory that you read the instructions first. Become familiar with your product and see if any fitting or retention rings are included. If not, run to the hardware store and stock up on the stuff we just listed. All of them are crucial for installing any wall mount pot filler faucet.

First things first, your pot filler faucet connects to the water supply line with a threaded brass nipple. In order to use one, however, you need to already have a special brass fitting onto your supply pipe. It is best if solder it before installing drywall and tile so thinking about this pot filler in advance is quite useful.

Next comes the hidden retention ring. Hopefully, it will be provided by the manufacturer. Marking the hole for the screws of the retention ring is tricky in more than one way. You will need to temporarily attach the whole faucet along with the retention ring to the nipple so that you can center the retention ring.

Now that you are happy with its position, mark the holes with the magic marker. This is the second tricky part. You need to be careful to not have the holes of the retention ring go over the water line behind the wall. We can’t stress this enough! You need to know what shape the water line in the wall has so that you don’t drill right through it.

If the pipe feeds water straight ahead, then you’re in the clear and you can commence drilling. Don’t get too excited that you got the holes right rushing into putting the retention ring. That’s a rookie mistake and hopefully, you will avoid it. Apply the pipe thread sealant (Teflon compound) onto the nipple first and only then attach the hidden retention ring.

It’s not obligatory but it would be very beneficial if you also put a rubber or foam washers between the wall and the retention ring. Now use one of the Allen screws to hold the nipple and the retention ring together.

A decorative escutcheon plate is typically included in the set and it will serve a great purpose. It will fulfill the name of the retention ring because it will hide it. The decorative plate has the same finish as your pot filler faucet and it will really contribute to the finished look of the whole construction.

This last part is perhaps the most important one. As you thread the faucet onto the nipple never use a pipe wrench or pliers! The teeth will bite into the soft metal of the pot filler and will cause permanent damage to the finish. Only use a specialized rubber strap wrench which will gently fasten the faucet onto the nipple.

Well, there you have it. Installing your pot filler faucet is no rocket science but attention to detail surely helps.

Best Pot Filler Faucets Comparison Chart

Danze Opulence Wall Mount Pot Filler
$$$$BrassStainless20 inches
Hansgrohe Talis C Pot Filler
$$$$$SteelSteel Optik26.5 inches
Lordear Commercial Pot Filler
$Body Material : Brass Handle Material: Zinc AlloyBrushed Nickel19 inch
SonTiy Pot Filler Faucet
$$$Brass faucet body and the spout , Zinc alloy handleBrushed Brown Bronze26 inches
Blanco Cantata Pot Filler
$$$$BrassSatin Nickel21-3/4-Inch
Geyser GF-47 Pot Filler Faucet
$$Stainless SteelBrushed Stainless Steel20-1/4"

Wrapping Up

We have arrived at the end of the article and we hope that our work has helped you get to know all of the best brands for pot filler faucets. Our goal is to always keep you informed so that you can stay on top of every decision you have to make regarding your household.

Feel free to comment and tell us whether you liked the piece or not. Tell us if you have already decided to go with a certain model and why. Enjoy your new kitchen helper and as always – stay put!


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